Marijuana users NOW qualify for non-tobacco rates on life insurance

At Majeske Insurance Consulting we are knowledgeable in which life insurance carriers will approve for Marijuana usage no matter the frequency.

Is Cannabis usage keeping you from getting coverage?  Many individuals avoid applying for coverage because they use marijuana. The belief they can’t get coverage or will pay a higher rate is purely taboo. The truth is many insurance carriers are still conservative and charge higher rates for marjiauna usage. That is why working with an experienced agent who knows which carriers won’t rate you as a tobacco user is extremely important. Tobacco users can be rated over 200% more than non-tobacco users. We help you get non-tobacco rates and easily approved with  life insurance companies that allow marijuana usage.

Your usage is secure with us. Although marijuana has come a long way with legalization at a State level it still is not legal Federally. Disclosing your marijuana usage with us  and the insurance carrier won't get you arrested. We won't tell your boss either. Due to HIPPA privacy only your agent and insurance carrier will know. 

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