Personal Life

Purchasing life insurance can be overwhelming. Thats why we help our clients understand their needs and insurance options. 

Whole Life also know as “straight life” coverage

Guaranteed to remain in force for the insured's lifetime

Builds “cash value” that can be used to pay for college, supplement retirement income or emergencies

Final Expense- also know as "burial insurance"

a type of whole life designed to pay medical and funeral expenses 

Guaranteed Issue (up to $25K in coverage)

No Medical exams

No Health questions

Guaranteed Acceptance

Ages 0-85

Children’s Whole Life (ages 0-17)

Locks in affordable premium at young age

Protects child’s insurability

Serves as a savings vehicle for children’s future such as college 


Pays a death benefit for a specific amount of time

Potentially no medical exam

Most affordable type of life insurance policy

Often used as temporary coverage such as Mortgage or Loan protection


Guarantees level coverage to age 100 or 121

Can provide for a lifetime of coverage

Can build cash value

Less expensive than Whole Life and often considered the most favorable life insurance 

Retirement Fixed Annuities

Guaranteed to earn a fixed rate return

Guaranteed rates with no investment risk

Guaranteed income payments

Safety on principal with tax-deferred growth on earnings and tax-free death benefit

Allows for annual withdraw

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